Intensive Lecturer – Human Clinical Reflex-Therapy Course ( LP )

Mr. Desmond Sim, Dr. Chua Kay Tse, Mr. Joe Toh

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5 days (22 hrs)

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Mon : 9 – 11am ( 2 Hours )
Tues-Thurs & Sat : 9am – 12noon, 1 – 3pm ( 5 Hours )

VENUE 课程地点

Eagle’s Therapy Management & Consultancy

60 Eu Tong Sen Street #03-25 Furama City Centre S059804


COURSE 课程编号 #

LRT 01 – Lecturer Clinical Human Reflex-Therapy
LRT 02 – Holistic Nutrition & Natural Health Science (III)


Achieve harmony living with nature through research and development and the promotion of education to reduce society’s healthcare burden.


1. Revision of Advance Clinical Human Reflex-Therapy Course
2. Introduction of the Seven Traditional Healthcare Method for Human Body
3. A Brief Description of Chinese Medicine
4. The Relationship between Natural Therapy & Mood, Colour, Taste, Weather, and Season to Human Health
5. Introduction of the Nature Five Elements to Human Health
6. Introduction of the Chinese Time Cycle Therapy
7. Analysis of The Shoe to Illnesses
8. Analysis of The Feet to Illnesses
9. The Effective Way to Apply Foot Reflex-Therapy to Children & Women’s Health
10. Holistic Nutrition & Natural Health Science (III) – Part 1
11. Holistic Nutrition & Natural Health Science (III) – Part 2
12. Clinical Requirements of A Professional Reflex-Therapist
13. Theory & Practical Uses of Acupressure Treatment
14. Learning of “Painless Health Analysis”
15. Becoming a Professional Reflex-Therapist and Consultant
16. General Knowledge in Setting Up a Reflex-Therapy Centre & Natural Health Business
17. Introduction to Natural Therapy Courses
18. How to Organize A Successful Health Seminar
19. The Spirit of Natural Medicine : Natural Therapy & Naturopathy
20. Introspection of Reflex-Therapy
21. Q & A


《 Living a LIFE 》& 《生活》included. (Retail price S$54.00)


1. Over 200 pictures and diagrams will be studied during lessons
2. File with reference notes and attachment


English & Mandarin


Awarded at the end of class


Taken at the end of class


Self-service caffeine-free organic western herbal tea


Mr. Desmond Sim

Founder / Principal Consultant / Clinical Natural Health Educator / Consultant Therapist

  • 42 years of research in Natural Medicine–Human Reflex-Therapy
  • Recognized authority in clinical Reflex-Therapy, supporting countless patients worldwide
  • Speaker & Consultant for International Authority Natural Therapy Organizations / Business Enterprises.
  • Author of 《Alive》,《活路》 Top 10 Popular Choice Awards – 2016 Singapore Book Fair
  • Author of 《Living a LIFE》,《生活》 in 2021

Dr. Chua Kay Tse

Principal Consultant (International Health & Wellness)

  • Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) in Natural Health Science & Integrative Medicine, USA (Summa Cum Laude)
  • Doctor of Naturopathy (ND) – USA
  • Bachelor of Science in Holistic Nutrition (Highest Honors), Master Herbology, (MH), Master Iridology (MI) – USA
  • National University of Singapore: Department of Pharmacy Faculty of Sciences – Naturopath Guest Lecturer
  • Singapore MediaCorp: TV & Radio, Singapore Press Holdings – Guest Naturopath
  • Author of 《Living a LIFE》,《生活》

Mr. Joe Toh

Senior Clinical Reflex Therapists & Operation Manager
  • Over 30 years of experience in Eagle’s Therapy Management & Consultancy and actively participated in the research of Natural Medicine – Reflex-Therapy: Theoretical Foundation, Treatment Efficacy and Academic Research
  • Experienced in clinical Reflex-Therapy, supporting countless patients worldwide
  • From 2001 to 2004, trained numerous reflex therapists and clinical physiotherapists in the Philippines

Terms and Conditions:

  • Please ensure that your particulars are correct. If any of the information is incorrect, please email with the correct information.
  • Payment: Registration is only CONFIRMED upon FULL PAYMENT for lesson. If you did not receive any response regarding payment for lesson, please email or call Mr. Toh at 91004304 to enquire.
  • Cancellation Policy: Refund of lesson payment is strictly not allowed.
  • Punctuality: Do arrive at the class venue at least 10 minutes before the lesson. Course content missed due to the lateness of attendees will not be repeated. We are not obligated to reschedule the lesson, and it will be forfeited with no refund.
  • Strictly no video recording or voice recording allowed during class.
  • What happen if I am tested positive for COVID-19 before the lesson?
    If your result is positive, do not attend the lesson. Contact the person-in-charge immediately to inform about your absence. Send an image of your positive ART result written with your name and date to or call Mr. Toh at 91004304 for further assistance.
  • What happen if I fall sick before the lesson?
    If you feel unwell, do not attend the lesson. Contact the person-in-charge immediately to inform about your absence. Send an image of your medical certification (MC) written with your name and date to or call Mr. Toh at 91004304 for further assistance.
  • To preserve the integrity of the recipe, we are not obligated to change the ingredients for our classes.
  • Other terms & conditions apply, and the Management reserves the right to change any of terms and conditions without prior notice.

Any questions? Email or call Mr. Toh at 91004304 to enquire.


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  • 付款: 只有在全额支付课程费用后,课程报名才会被确认。如果您没有收到任何有关支付课程费用的回复,请发送询问电子邮件至 或致电 Mr. Toh 91004304 查询。
  • 若您取消上课: 所付课程报名款项恕不退还。
  • 上课请准时: 请务必在上课前至少 10 分钟到达上课地点,因学员迟到而错过的课程内容将不再重复。我们没有义务重新安排课程,且不予退款。
  • 上课时谢绝录音与录影。
  • 如果我在上课前被检测出 COVID-19 呈阳性因该怎么办?
    如果您在上课前被检测出 COVID-19 呈阳性,请不要来上课。应立即联系课程负责人,告知您缺席的情况。请将写有您的姓名和日期的 ART 阳性结果的图片发送至 或致电 Mr. Toh 91004304 寻求进一步的课程安排与协助。
  • 如果我在上课前感觉身体不适因该怎么办?
    如果您在上课前感觉身体不适,请不要来上课。应立即联系课程负责人,告知您缺席的情况。请将写有您的姓名和日期的 医疗证明 (MC) 发送至 或致电 Mr. Toh 91004304 寻求进一步的课程安排与协助。
  • 为了保持课程食谱食疗的完整性,我们不会调整我们课程食谱的食材与成分。
  • 其他条款和条件,管理层将保留更改任何条款和条件的权利,恕不另行通知。

若您有任何的问题,请发邮件至info@eaglestherapy.com或拨打Mr. Toh 91004304咨询。

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