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想寻找一个好的本地全人健康读物?无需再寻找了。沈金兴和蔡 铠锶夫妇俩联手书写了一本名为《生活》的书,其中包括保健 辅助营养素、饮食建议和食谱。这也是他们夫妇俩结合治疗临床哲学与个人精神理念的回忆录,深入探索这本书将使您获益无穷。

内外科 / 家庭医生

Looking for a good local holistic health read? Look no further. Desmond and Kay Tse have co-authored a book《Living a LIFE》which includes complementary medicine, dietary advice and recipes. It is also a personal and spiritual memoir of their treatment philosophy. Dip into it and come away with some useful nuggets.

Dr. Huan Meng Wah
Surgeon / GP
19, September 2021


我曾与铠锶合作,担任过她的虹膜学、营养学、草药学和自然 疗法导师。所有的课程,她皆以非常优异的成绩毕业,后来多次参加了我们与国际虹膜从业者协会举办的著名研讨会,并在那里向世界各地的一些领先 虹膜学家学习。她对工作的奉献和承诺非常认真。

多年来,铠锶拥有许多帮助人们康复和提升生命素质的成功案例。她 非常擅长观察虹膜和巩膜上的标记,并从中评估个人的健康问题。虹膜和巩 膜好似身体的蓝图,能显示身体可能存在的弱点。铠锶接受过严格全面培 训,了解每个身体器官所需的特定营养素,以帮助其正常运作。一旦发现有 功能缺欠的器官,像铠锶这样熟练的虹膜学家能够评估个人的健康问题,并 制定深入、个人化的保健计划;推荐各人需要的营养素、草药和运动,以帮 助他们恢复充满活力的健康。

铠锶现在写了一本美妙的书,其中包括她融合大量科学研究,特地设 计编写的综合膳食营养计划,以支持缓解三种慢性疾病——高胆固醇、高血 糖和肥胖。此外,她还收录了她专门为帮助身患绝症的妹妹而设计的食疗健 康食谱。这良好的营养计划改善了她妹妹的预后诊断,大大减轻了她的疼痛 和痛苦。这些健康、有益的膳食计划对所有遵循它的人来说将是一个美好的 祝福。这些营养素将改善细胞功能,提高能量水平,并有助于治愈身体的器 官、腺体和组织。

由于铠锶在虹膜学和自然疗法方面受过良好的教育,并且拥有多年的 临床经验,我强烈推荐她作为她所在领域的专家。

Dr. Ellen Tart-Jensen, Ph.D., D.Sc., CCII
虹膜学院Infinite Iris创办人,国际虹膜学与自然医学权威教育家

It is my privilege and pleasure to write a recommendation for, Kay Tse Chua, whom I have known for several years.

I have worked with Kay Tse as her instructor of iridology, nutrition, herbology and naturopathy. She graduated with top grades from these classes and later attended our prestigious symposiums with the International Iridology Practitioners Association where she got to learn from some of the leading iridologists from around the world. Her dedication and commitment to her work is earnest.

Over the years Kay Tse has had many success stories helping people get well and saving lives. She is very skilled at observing the markings in the iris and sclera and from them, assessing the health concerns of the individual. The iris and sclera act as the blueprint showing where the weaknesses are in the body. Kay Tse is thoroughly trained in knowing specific nutrients required by each bodily organ in order for it to function properly. Once the deficient organs are identified, a skilled iridologist such as Kay Tse, can assess the health concerns of the individual and prepare an in-depth personalized health program; recommending the nutrients, herbs and exercises they need in order to regain vibrant health.

Now Kay Tse has written a beautiful book which includes her combined dietary nutritional plan, which has been backed by many scientific studies to support three chronic diseases – elevated cholesterol, elevated blood sugar, and obesity. In addition, she has included her wonderful health recipes which she specifically designed to support her terminally ill sister. This program of good nutrition improved her prognosis and greatly relieved her from pain and suffering. This plan of healthy, wholesome foods will be a wonderful blessing to all people who follow it. The nutrients will improve cellular function, increase energy levels and work to heal the organs, glands, and tissues of the body.

Because Kay Tse has had an excellent education in iridology and naturopathy and years of clinical experience, I would highly recommend her as an expert in her field.

Dr. Ellen Tart-Jensen
Ph.D., D.Sc., CCII
Founder of Infinite Iris, Internationally recognised authority in Iridology
and Natural Health Education – USA
18, July 2021

我第一次见到沈金兴是在2009年8月13日。我一直住在日本,对 足部反射理疗很感兴趣,所以我每年都会为了寻找好的足部反 射理疗师,而去新加坡几次,也因此在一个网站上找到了一位名叫沈金兴的足部反射学专家。

网页介绍说,他是通过反射疗法救了他母亲的命,他显然不是一般的足部反射理疗师,所以我决定去新加坡会一会他。当时,沈金兴已经创办了 Eagle’s Therapy Management & Consultancy。在诊所里有很多用不同的 语言整理,关于他的剪报。我从一篇递给我的日文版文章中,了解到了沈金 兴开始钻研足部反射疗法的原因、研究的方式,以及他对足部反射疗法的见解。

在我第一次进行治疗时,他碰了碰我的脚,便告诉我身体体质的强点 和弱点,并我在以后的生活中应该多加注意的事项;随后才按摩我的足部相 关反射区域,那真是一次令人印象深刻的经历。至此以后,我每年都会去新 加坡见沈金兴两三次。




沈金兴与他的妻子铠锶老师结婚后,他开始和我分享她妻子的营养饮 食观。他告诉我,人体是由我们所吃的食物合成的,所以我们因该少吃不健康的加工食品,并多吃我们身体所需要的东西。

沈金兴与铠锶老师的结合不仅对他两来说是一件美事,也是我们大家 和自然疗法领域的福音。他们的自然疗法临床作业创造了许多奇迹,我也亲自从见过数次,原本患上癌症的患者口中听说他们的癌症已经消失了!

我很高兴许多读者能够通过这本书,了解到他们的努力和他们所研发 的自然疗法。

Shinichi Miyazaki, Professor,
Kyoto University, Japan
地球与行星科学 – 京都大学教授,日本

It was on August 13, 2009, that I first met Desmond Sim. I have been living in Japan and was interested in the foot reflexology approach, so I went to Singapore a couple of times a year to look for a good reflexologist. Then I found a reflexologist named Desmond Sim on a web site.

It said that he had saved his mother’s life through reflexology, and he was clearly different! So I decided to visit Singapore to see Desmond. At that time Desmond had already launched “Eagle’s Therapy”. At the clinic, there were a lot of clippings about him, organized in different languages. I was given a Japanese version of articles, which explained why Desmond had started reflexology, how he had studied it, and what he thought of it.

During my first treatment, he touched my feet and told me about my body’s strong and weak points, what I should pay attention to in my future life, and then massaged my reflex points. That was really an impressive experience. Since then, I have been visiting Singapore two or three times a year to see Desmond.

During the decade, he has strengthened his faith in Christianity, continued his studies in reflexology, and is involved in various activities to bring happiness to people.

As a researcher in earth science, I’m a bit sceptical about supernatural phenomena. However, I have to believe that Desmond has some kind of special power.

Human beings are part of the universe and part of nature. Living things are created to live in harmony with nature. I believe that Desmond’s treatment maximizes the power of our body and brings us to the best state in the universe and in nature.

After Desmond got married to his wife, Kay Tse, he started to talk to me about her nutritional diet. He told me that the human body is made up of the food we eat, so what we eat should be less processed and more of what our body needs.

Their marriage must have been a great thing, not only for Kay Tse and Desmond, but also for us and Natural Therapy. Their Natural Therapy has produced many miracles, and I have actually heard from several cancer patients themselves who I have met several times that their cancer has disappeared.

I am glad that many readers will be able to learn about their efforts and the Natural Therapy they have developed through this book.

Prof. Shinichi Miyazaki
Kyoto University – Earth and Planetary Sciences – Japan
16, August 2021

我与铠锶老师因我们的专领域而认识,至今已有五年。她对于自 然医学的热情,以及其对于人类保健的无限可能性的坚定,感 染了无数的人。

铠锶老师对于营养学有着丰富的知识,并为书本设计了许多富创意, 又不失营养的食疗食谱。这些原先为着她几年前患上了末期癌症的妹妹而设 计的食谱,却因着近期挚爱妹妹的去世,而增添了一抹的伤感。

经由不断的实验与研究,铠锶老师设计了许多的食疗食谱,显著的改 进了她妹妹的预后诊断与大大减轻了她妹妹的疼痛与不适。虽然她如今已不 在我们身边,然而,她妹妹短暂的人生,因着姐姐美味营养的食疗而充满了 被宠爱的喜乐。

铠锶老师于她所提倡的全人营养与自然医学教学,致力提供中肯、诚 实、有科学根据的资讯;所以,《生活》这本书肯定值得您阅读,并实践于生活中。


Yogavalli Poobalan
生物技术研究 – 科学家

I have known Kay Tse professionally for 5 years and her enthusiasm for natural medicine and its benefits to mankind are simply contagious.

She has an extensive knowledge in nutrition and has creatively crafted simpleyet nutritious and delicious recipes in this book. This profundity was put to a tear when she beloved sister was diagnosed with cancer several years ago.

Kay Tse experimented with lots of recipes and remarkably, it improved her sister’s prognosis and alleviated the pain and suffering. Although she’s no longer with us, during the short stint of time, her sister lived a happy life, pumped with Kay Tse’s nutritious menu.

KC strives to be truthful in the facts she delivers, so this book is a must to have and follow. I wish Kay Tse all the best as she continues to improve the quality of life in people.

Ms. Yogavalli Poobalan
Biotechnology Research – Scientist
1, July 2021

对于有兴趣了解更多关于自然疗法如何安全、有效的配搭西方医 疗来针对慢性疾病的读者,这本书绝对是一本好书!

作为一名自然疗法导师,铠锶老师一直非常热衷于研究维生素和膳食保健补助品以及草药和营养相关的研究。在这本书中,她分享了我们身体系 统的保健如何与我们的饮食息息相关,以及我们能如何用不同的营养素来滋 养我们的器官系统,正如俗语所说的“您是您所吃下的东西”。

本书还提供了铠锶老师原创的40个烹饪食谱,您绝对不会想错过它 们。在多年作为社区药剂师的实践中,我见过决心改变饮食以控制慢性病的 患者。他们当中不乏抱怨食物的选择非常有限,厌倦了平淡食物的患者。对 于那些希望通过饮食的改变,踏上健康之旅的人,通过阅读本书,您会发现 健康的食物也可以很美味!


For readers who are interested in knowing more about complementary medicine to be used alongside with standard medical treatment for chronic diseases, this book will definitely be a good read!

As a naturopath, Kay Tse has always been very passionate about doing research in vitamins and dietary supplements as well as herbs and nutrition related studies. In this book, she shares about how our body systems are closely related to our diet and how can we nourish our organ systems with different nutrients, as the saying goes “you are what you eat”.

This book also offers 40 original cooking recipes created by Kay Tse which you will not want to miss them. Throughout years of practice as a community pharmacist, I have seen patients who are determined to do dietary changes to manage their chronic conditions. Among those, I have met some who complained that the choice of food is very limited and sometimes they are sick of having food that is bland. For those who wish to embark on a journey to health and wellness through dietary change, by reading this book, you will find that healthy food can be tasty too!

Ms. Soh Jia Shing
Senior community pharmacist (Licensed by Singapore Pharmacy Council)
26, January 2021

如果用一栋房子来比喻我们的“身心灵”,我们的“身”就是房子的框架与结构,属于硬件部分。“心”,也指我们的思想与 情绪,就像是房子的软装修,也就是色调、家具、装潢等部分。那“灵”呢,就是房子的空间。

如果我们的身体不健康,就像房子的框架与结构有问题;心理如果不健康,就像房子的装修品位很差,且塞满了垃圾;而假设房子的空间感有 限,那房子就会看起来不好,住在里面就不会舒服。

作为一位药剂师,我一直运用最适合的药物来帮助我的病人提升生活 的质量。然而,当我初识铠锶老师后,却对自然疗法带来的保健益处感到惊讶!与西方药学对症下药(如止咳)有所不同的是,没有任何疾病症状的 人,也能够透过咨询自然疗法导师而了解到可能影响自己健康的身心忽略,是一种积极的保健疗法。铠锶老师所提倡的,是结合“东方”和“西方”的自然和整体价值,以促进全面的医疗保健。

《生活》这书就是我们“盖房子”的重要指南,专业的临床经验分享、 抗病勇士的见证以及各种抗癌的保健佳肴,都在一一引导我们如何盖一栋舒适的房子,让我们住得开心。


If a house is used as a metaphor for our “body, mind and soul,” our “body” is the frame and structure of the house, which belongs to the hardware portion. The “mind” also refers to our thoughts and emotions, just like the soft decoration of a house, that is, the color, furniture, decoration, etc.

The “soul” is the space of the house. If our body is unhealthy, the “frame and structure” of “the house” will be in bad condition. If our mind is unhealthy, “the house” is “poorly decorated and full of garbage.” If “the house” has a limited sense of space, it will “look unpleasant” and “won’t be comfortable”.

As a pharmacist, I have been helping my patients to improve their quality of life by selecting and administering the medications that offer the best results for them. However, I was amazed by the benefits of Naturopathy when I first met Kay Tse. While western medicines seek to treat the symptoms (i.e. to stop coughing), Naturopathy takes a different spin on what medications entails. One can see the “doctor” (Naturopath) to check if he neglects any aspect of his life even he is healthy. It is a proactive way in maintaining our health. Also, Kay Tse’s approach to wellness is to incorporate the values from “east” and “west” that are natural and holistic to promote an all-rounded healthcare approach.

The book 《Living a LIFE》is an essential guide for us to “build a house.” The sharing of professional clinical experience, the testimonies of anti-disease warriors, and various anti-cancer health foods guide us, step by step, on building a comfortable house in which to live happily.

Ms. Tan Seow Hwei
Pharmacist (Licensed by Singapore Pharmacy Council)
2019 Singapore Tourism and Culture Ambassador
1, January 2021

我是一名社区药剂师,与铠锶老师为着提供社区居民全面的保健 方案而常有有密切的合作。铠锶老师对于营养与保健辅助品的 专业与热诚,促进了我们与社区中的许多人接触,也得以提升自己在维持和促进健康方面的能力。

这本书所带给您的实际忠告与小贴士皆取自铠锶老师的临床经验,将带给您资讯丰富的阅读体验,让您从中能更加了解自然医学与其如何能与标 准西方医疗法,于慢性疾病针对性的来互补。

书本也将带您阅览40道铠锶老师原创的食疗食谱,为您提供美食的乐 趣,并促进您的饮食营养和健康。真不愧是‘一石二鸟’!


Working as a community pharmacist, I have worked closely with Kay Tse in providing a holistic care plan to our community.

With her passion and expertise in nutrition and dietary supplementation, we have reached out to many individuals in the community to better themselves in maintaining and boosting their health.

This book will bring to you practical tips and advice from the physical setting with Kay Tse to an informative reading experience as you find out more about complementary medicine and how it can complement your standard medical treatment for chronic diseases.

It will also bring you through 40 original cooking recipes developed by Kay Tse, which will provide you with gastronomical delight as well as a boost to your diet and health. That is indeed ‘Killing two birds with one stone’!

Mr. Ivan Ng Boon Khiang
Senior community pharmacist (Licensed by Singapore Pharmacy Council)
Manager (Pharmacy Practice)
11, July 2021

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